Why lambda operators are (anonymous )..

let’s piget the idea what exactly lambda operators are, and why they are anonymous…!!

The other day, we were working for the project from “InsideAIML ” in which we were trying to code the simplest way rather complicating our project, but it didn’t work there, since we were trying to find the most easiest, fastest, and appropriate codes, which can matches our requirement. Then one of our expert Data Scientist helped us with this lambda expression and its details then the thought process of writing this concept, forced me to write this content.

Now lets understand, how lambda expressions helped us out from solving the issue. Let’s cover all the detail information related to Lambda expression. & also why are they anonymous?

By this end of the article, we will be covering all the below points for better understanding with some examples.

→Why lambda operators are (anonymous )?

→ What are its uses?

→How to write lambda functions?

→ Conclusion !

Why lambda operators are (anonymous )?

In any programming language, anonymous are type of arguments that are being passed to high order functions, which are used for the result of a higher-order function which is required to return a function. anonymous is also called as function literal, lambda abstraction or lambda expression

what are its uses?

These are few functions which are interchangeably used for lambda functions.

· Anonymous functions

· Lambda functions

· Lambda expressions

· Lambda abstractions

· Lambda form

· Function literals

Why Use Lambda Functions?

In some programming languages, anonymous functions are commonly implemented for very specific purposes such as binding events to callbacks, or instantiating the function for particular values, which may be more efficient, more readable, and less error-prone than calling a more-generic named function. also The specialty of lambda function is used, since its anonymous function inside another function.

Lets understand, this with the help of “def ”function used in python.

Example :- lets create a def function, using def keyword and return the output using lambda expression.

def myfunc(n):
return lambda a : a * n

A lambda function can take any number of arguments, but can only have one expression.

r = lambda x, y: x * y

r(12, 3)

Expected Output:


What is lambda Function?

It helps us to create anonymous function basically “ADHOC FUNCTION” without properly defined def keyword, so function object returns the function by running lambda expression.. and it works exactly the same way those are created by or assigned by def function.

There is a key difference to specialized about lambda used in special way, because lambda body is a single expression, its not the blog of statements, or not occupied with many things around it. It maintains its own function and style of working that is why these are called lambda operators…

Lambda body is a similar to a def body, which returns a single statement, but we simply type as an expression instead of explicitly returning it… its limited to being an expression a lambda is less general than any defined function.. Also there is a special reason why we use lambda expressions.

Reasons using lambda Function..!

→ Def is used to create specially for a larger task

→ It uses the most simplest way of coding

Lets break down these task to understand this concept in detail,


How to write lambda functions…?

This function is been created with lambda keyword, considering two arguments for creating lambda functions.

To create a lambda function first write keyword LAMBDA followed by one of more arguments separated by comma (,), followed by colon a (:) followed by a single line expression.

Example 1: Create two variables and add the variables using lambda expression.

X= 1

Y = 2

lambda x, y: x + y

Output:- 3

Explanation:- The simple line of code, has perform this lambda function, adding two variables as commanded and given the output as 3.

Lets understand few examples with different functions…

Example 2: Add 20 to created var x as an argument a, and return the result:

x = lambda a : a + 20


output:- 17

Explanation:- This above function above defines a lambda expression that takes two arguments and returns their sum. The expression has intake the sum of two different parameters and added them for the output

Lets understand how to multiply the two different arguments using lambda function..

Example 3: Multiply the two arguments, using lambda function and find the print out with.

x = lambda a, b : a * b

output:- 24

Explanation :- Since the code is executed taking two argument, using lambda function for multiplying these inputs, we need print function which gives the output for the given input which is the multiplication of two arguments.

Example 4:- Lets take 3 arguments and perform with lambda functions like , x,y,z

l= lambda x,y,z : x+y+z
print(l(5, 6, 2))

output:- 13

Explanation:- Since that we have provided ,three different arguments like X,Y,Z with provided different numbers, lambda function considered those arguments and also accepted summing/addition function for performing this statement.

Example:- 4 Lets understand the additional function about Immediately Invoked Function Expression which is (IIFE, pronounce “iffy”) with the coding part as well with example

Lets create a lambda function in which am going to work with creating variable simultaneously working with any function we perform with i.e

(lambda x, y: x + y)(2, 3)

Output:- 5

Explanation:- In python until we assign anything to the variable, the values are not stored but with the help of lambda function. I have stored the value as well as, made the addition of these provided values with output..

Example5:- Assigning the function, directly to the variable provided lambda function and getting the output with function, we are looking for.

h = lambda x: x*x*x


output : 343

Explanation:- the power of 7 is 343, we got this with the help of lambda function in single code of line.

Lambda functions can be used along with built-in functions like filter(), map(), and reduce().


The points which are required to remember are, lambda function allows us to code in the simpler way than any other programming languages which also helps to solve the complicate problem solving in easiest way.. also we learned how to deal with multiple parameters using lambda function etc.

Hope this concept helped understanding about lambda function.. Get more informative knowledge from related topics grab the knowledge from,

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