The journey of Data Scientist, begins understanding with each and every minute thing acquiring knowledge about Different fields like Statistics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing and Lot more things. Let’s understand everything from scrap and cover the most important concept of Decision Tree Algorithm in this content.

On 14 April 1912, despite warnings of ice fields, the ship did not reduce speed and struck an iceberg shortly before midnight. The iceberg ripped a long gash in the side and the ship began to flood. Passengers were unaware and joked about the ice found on the deck…

One very fresh morning I visited “Reliance fresh market”, planned to purchase the list of items that are necessary for me.. Instead of the list, I purchased additional items which were not been planned, in spite that it made me feel that I should buy even these things…… but why did that happen???

Aspirants… Story is still incomplete!!

Thrill in this scenario, was the manager has stored all the items, which goes hand in hand, rather kept the items which resembles with each other. the logic behind was.. the person who visit any mall will buy only the things he…

Looking at the movement, of the stock exchange market, I get panic!! thanks to statisticians who came up with brilliant ideas to give the easy hacks to learn about stock predictions, and movements. If we really want to take decisions about the stock market, that one is interested, simple things required to learn those are some fundamental knowledge about statistics, and also about Error metrics with relevant information, which we are going to cover in this content.

Before understanding, about these concepts one has to be clear with important topic i.e“ …

Confusion…Confusion. Confusion..

Confusion is truly confusion…… When comes to the point of understanding, the concept, but let’s aim to clear the concept by taking few examples, and makes this confusion clear by the end of this concept.

Once the basic steps of working with any project like, preprocessing steps, data cleansing and wrangling of the data. We need to further proceed with measuring the effectiveness of our model, but how do we do that, there comes the point of working with the confusion matrix, which will helps us giving the better output then estimated one.

Covering important questions of confusion…

We were working for the project Godrej Nature’s Basket, trying to manage its supply chain and delivery partners and would like to accurately forecast the sales for the period starting from “1st January 2019 to 15th January 2019”.

To know what it’s going to future prediction, of sales in these particular days. we use the time series models. for the most accepted results, using some important methodologies, like AR, MA, ARMA, ARIMA,ARIMAX, SPURIOUS & GRANGER CAUSALITY MODELS, In our last content we discussed about Time Series now, let’s understand

  1. What are these different models used in Timeseries?
  2. What are its…

The other day, we were working for the project from insideAIML. There we faced an issue finding out, which is the best model to be consider overall, which model gave the better output, and lot more confusion things. To overcome these circumstances we found a solution out of which ensembles gave the satisfies results according to the requirement.

Let’s cover important points of ensembles content,

  1. What are ensembles?
  2. Important points in ensembles

3. Coding used to work with ensembles

4. Final output and understanding about ensembles



Combine multiple classifiers.


Split data and create multiple classifiers on different training data.



Before the evolution of, NLP or AI, the most difficult task was to understand peoples opinion, reviews, etc. but now it’s as simple as we know, the AI has taken over the world into different angle, let’s start everything starting with live example.

Things get ponder when comes to the situation to solve the complicate problems, where the hypothetical situations requires the support of updated technology, Thanks to AI and NLP which is one of the fastest task performed by any machine, lets cover the most important and interesting topic of AI technologies is NLP.

Introduction to NLP:-

It allows the machine to…

As we were working with insideaiml project, which was required to check the quality of the codes, been used in project also to verify, whether the project we are going to release is going to be benefited one or not?

The conversation is not yet been over guys, like you all, even I was confuse how to simplify this issue, then finally got to know the solution out of it which “Unit testing in python” which has got the very good concept of solving this type of issues working with any project.

Lets clear a lot more interesting things, in…

During the time of “Demonetization” the Futures on the S&P 500, had tumbled as much as 5 %, and the Mexican peso plummeted as much as 12 %, to a record low. but what exactly these terms are making us to think!! we were in the situation what is going to the future market performance, what is going to be the raise and fall of the stock, if the price fluctuates from the market moment ETC. But finally as say, for every problem their is a solution and that solution name is called Time Series.

“Prediction is very difficult, especially…

Since that we know OOPs was basically introduced in all other programming languages like java, c, c++ etc!! but later it was updated with python programming language as well.. So, OOPs which basically stands for Object-Oriented system or object-oriented programming and most popularly known programming paradigm.

The two main majorly focused programming languages are,

  1. Object-oriented programming.
  2. Procedure Oriented programming.

Let’s understand the key points about oops concept first which are as follows:

· Classes and objects

· Classes in python

· Oops concept in python

What are Classes and Objects In Python: The most common understanding about classes and objects…


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